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Indiana Warm Floors strives to offer the highest & best quality products for all of our installations such as boilers, radiant floor heating, snow melt systems, geo-thermal pumps, and more! Over the years, we have created long lasting relationships with our suppliers. We use suppliers from all over and are proud to install their great products. Below are some of our most common suppliers for most of our installations of boilers, radiant floor heating, and snow melt systems. 

For additional information and questions, please feel free to contact our office by calling 260.668.8836 or by messaging by following the link below:



Dual Condensing Combi Boiler

DC 23-84 — 23,000 TO 84,000 BTU/HR
DC 29-106 — 29,000 TO 106,000 BTU/HR
DC 20-125 — 20,000 TO 125,000 BTU/HR
DC 33-160 — 33,000 TO 160,000 BTU/HR

  • Up to 94% AFUE with full ASME rated vessel

  • Built in Boiler Pump

  • Includes Air Vent, Outdoor Sensor & Relief Valve

  • The dual two in one, back to back heat exchanger eliminates the need for a diverter valve and secondary domestic hot water plate heat exchanger

  • Contractor friendly, fewer internal parts, easy to install, maintain and service

  • Reset heating – Set point – DHW

  • Outdoor Reset Technology increases efficiency by lowering the water temp automatically

  • 10 year limited warranty

  • Unique “self learning” ECO-mode for greater DHW efficiencies


Legend Heat Barrier PEX

Legend Flex

  • Manufactured from Legend's proprietary formulation, which dramatically increases flexibility, while maintaining high strength and durability

  • Backed by our 30-year warranty

  • The externally-extruded EVOH oxygen barrier reduces oxygen molecule permeation into the water, virtually eliminating corrosion within the system

  • Packaged in sunlight-blocking containers or wrap, to protect the tubing from UV-light oxidation

  • Numerical foot markings permit circuit loop calculations, preventing excess circuit loop lengths

  • Ideal for radiant heating and cooling, geothermal, and snow and ice melt systems

  • Available in nominal tubing sizes 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and 1"



  • Hot Water Heating Systems

  • Cold Water

  • Air-Conditioning Systems

  • Water/Glycol concentrations up to 50%

  • Solar

  • Geothermal

Max. Flow: 38 USGPM

Max. Head: 33 feet

Features & Benefits:

  • Reliable wet rotor technology

  • Quick connect wiring

  • Powerful starting torque

  • Ultra quiet


Taco Comfort Solutions

Electronic Controls

Taco's fast-growing family of Electronic Controls puts convenient control and efficient operation of hydronic systems in your hands. Easy to install and use, versatile and reliable, Taco Electronic Controls help you create more comfortable and dependable systems that will satisfy the needs of all your customers, both residential and commercial. Included in this category are Switching Relays, Zone Valve Controls, Priority Zoning Circulators and Hydro Air Fan Controls.


Pro 1 Thermostats

Thermostats & Climate Controls

Thermostats are around us every minute of every day, and are one of the most important products in our lives. Thermostats control the comfort of your home as well as nearly half of your home's energy. With modern technology, you can have complete control of both energy and comfort. You can even put the thermostat in "auto-mode" and enjoy energy savings from automatic setbacks.

Whether you need cutting edge technology or an affordable basic model, Pro1 has you covered.  We are one of very few "full line" thermostat manufactures (45 unique models and counting).  Your heating and cooling professional will help you choose the right model.


High Velocity Systems

High Performance Heating & Cooling

Energy Saving Products Ltd. presents the HE-Z Series of fan coils. This innovative product will feature our newly developed PSB (Pressure Sensing Board) motor controller which is pre-set for cooling, heating and recirculation, but is field programmable providing an infinitely variable fan output. Zoning is simple as the VDC signal will vary dependant on system load, adjusting power input based on demand.  Fitting where others don't, the HE-Z series will become your ultimate choice in a multi-functional fan coil.



Wood Burning Furnaces

HEATMOR Outdoor Furnaces have been manufactured for over 30 years. Throughout those 30+ years HEATMOR has managed to stay in front of the competition with our passion to build the longest lasting unit on the market. HEATMOR stainless steel outdoor furnaces are easy to load, maintain, operate, and are available in a wide selection of colors. Each furnace is designed and proven to outlast mild steel brands up to three times.


ThermalStar X Grade


ThermalStar® Rigid Insulation offers a variety of solutions for all of your below grade, wall and roof applications. Manufactured with EPSX® Technology to provide superior thermal and physical performance to protect your installation for years to come.

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