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Indiana Warm Floors Inc. is a privately owned and operated company that offers a wide range of HVAC services. We specialize in radiant floor heating & snow melt systems. Radiant floor heating systems are efficient and effective ways to heat or cool garages, driveways, patios, commercial buildings, farm structures, and so much more. 

Indiana Warm Floors offers all of their services within the entire states of Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky.

Indiana Warm Floors proudly offers all of their services within the entire states of Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky. If you are interested in a consultation or an installation outside of our service area then please contact a sales representative at Indiana Warm Floors for additional information by sending us a message or calling us at (260) 668-8836





Scott Patton, Owner

In 1979, Scott started to build energy efficient homes that would heat for $200 per year. Super insulated, earth bermed, motorized window shades, geothermal, radiant floor heat, solar panels, were some of the main features. After several years, geothermal systems and radiant floor heat became a main stay.

Now after 40 years, we are doing radiant floor heat and snow melt systems all over the mid west. We are installing systems as well as providing kits, with CAD layouts and boiler modules, for others to install. We have done systems in 10 states, including Texas. 

Radiant floor heat has proven to be reliable, efficient and low maintenance. The heat stays on the floor and is not lost, like a furnace, with hot air that goes to the ceiling and gets away. Most people like the comfort and control. Exact temperatures and where you want it. No more cool damp basements.

The snow melt systems are designed to melt 1” per hr snow fall and you end up with dry pavement. Safe access, no slip and fall. No tracking in salt or damage to the concrete.

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"I'm always impressed by your work and I'm not easy to impress since I'm in the same business and very demanding regarding design and installation of hydronics - especially radiant heating/cooling/and snowmelt systems. Top-notch work and a joy to behold by Indiana Warm Floors."

- Dave Y.

"Scott did an amazing and professional job at a great price!"

- Eddy M.

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