radiant heat installation for Pole barns, homes & businesses

Snow-melt systems

Snow-melt for driveways, parking lots, walkways, steps 


renewable and sustainable earth heat 




IR Tube heating is cost effective 


FUND YOUR PROJECT: Financing is available to fund your project:  

Indiana Warm Floors is now able to offer new financing specials through GE Capital Consumer Financing. It is a quick and easy application process that we do right here in our office for our customers, and we have a response within minutes of submitting the application. We are now able to offer deferred interest, equal payment options, and fixed payments with a low APR rate.


A Geo-thermal heat pump (GHP) is using GREEN energy renewable and sustainable earth heata highly energy-efficient, heating and cooling alternative. 

Geo-thermal heating & cooling: The geothermal heat pump system moves heat from the ground to a home (or from a home to the ground). These systems transfer heat by pumping water with anti-freeze through a series of flexible pipe "loops" just below the Earth's surface, where the temperature is a constant, thus providing eco-friendly heating & cooling at phenomenal energy savings. Geothermal heat pumps can do all sorts of things—from heating and cooling homes to warming swimming pools. 

During the winter, the water and anti-freeze mixture warms from the Earth and the pump brings this warmth to the home above. 
In the summer, the heat pumps operate in reverse to reject the house heat into the cooler ground temperature.

Benefits of radiant floor heat, Indiana Warm Floors
Manifold Rough-in, Butler, IN

Awesome Pex Manifold rough-in by Indiana Warm Floors at Butler Job.  

Most comfortable warm floors for your family and business. Radiant floor systems are a more energy conscious choice; Live Green! Up to 30% less energy compared to gas heating. Radiant heat is warm, silent and efficient, best HVAC.


*    Energy saving up to 70% savings
*    Green Heating & Cooling
*    Energy Star rated



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How-to Install Radiant Heat, Video

Pole Barn radiant  in Coatsville, Indiana

 Radiant Floor Heat installation for a 2016 SF pole barn. Crew built a custom manifold onsite for this job to meet the special requirements for optimal installation.

Pole Barn Radiant, Michigan

Wiler Farm, pole barn Job by

Indiana Warm Floors.

Company Truck, Indiana Warm Floors
Heated driveway, Lake Gage, Indiana

installation, Snow-melt System by Indiana Warm Floors on a lake property with a heavy sloping driveway.  Clients now will have clear driveway access in winter conditions with our automatic snow-melt system on walkways and lake property driveway. 

Manifold, radiant heat, Indiana Warm Floors
Driveway snow melt, Indiana Warm Floors

Radiant Floor Systems Save up to 70% on Energy

Snow melt system radiant heat, Indiana Warm Floors

Why go tankless? 

*    Endless hot water on demand

*    Lower energy bills

*    Energy savings up to 40% savings

*    Energy Star rated equipment


​​​​​Snow-melt System

Our HVAC Services

Green Energy, 101 VIDEO -  Green energy movement is upon us. We are all about saving energy for our customers. Enjoy our video.

On-Demand, Tankless water heater

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LOGO, Indiana Warm Floors
Pole Barn radiant in Orland, Indiana.

WOW-za! Radiant heat, beautifully installed in a pole building with 4800 Sq Ft. of radiant tubing, back up by a Hydron 5 ton water to water geothermal heating system. Rough-in includes: 4800 Sq Ft  Pex tubing & 4800 Sq Ft  2" 25 psi foam.

Radiant installation, Indiana Warm Floors

Energy 101: Geothermal Heat Pumps - HOW IT WORKS

Comfort and Control plus Savings

by Indiana Warm Floors

Pole barn radiant heat, Indiana Warm Floors
Indiana Warm Floors

Radiant Heat & HVAC SERVICES, Angola, Indiana


Our "On-Demand" Tankless Water Heaters provide continuous hot water on demand to any room in your home, business or farm building.


Why Go Tankless? You receive an endless supply of hot water exactly when you need it, plus our tankless water heaters save you up to 40% on energy bills!!  Get a Quote

New Home Radiant, Kentucky.

3500 SF home, 3 BR 3 BA 3 car garage. Our Pre-built module with combi boiler for heat & hot water, on rough in, quick zone manifold with 6 zone, super air vent, expansion tank, pump controllers, PEX with de-I water with 30% glycol mixture.

Having a reliable Snow-Melt System is a necessity when living in states with icy winters to help reduce slip and falls accidents on walkways and sidewalks and make driveways fully accessible during winter months.

Our Snow Melt Systems are designed to bring the surface temperature just above the freezing point, inhibiting the formation of ice and compacted snow. This cost-effective system can be set automatically or turned on manually, as needed, thus enabling you to have complete control of the Snow Melting System. 

  • Fully accessible driveway in winter
  • Inhibits snow and ice formation on driveways sidewalks, pedestrian access points, handicapped areas and outdoor work stations.​
  • You get automatic and manual zone controls and enhanced safety for family & businesses.

Radiant Heat Installation Jobs

We are your authority in radiant heat installations for homes and pole barns.

Indiana Warm Floors

Your Environmental impact

FACT: The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has called geo-thermal heat pumps or ground source heat pumps the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective space conditioning systems available.