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​Snow-melt VIDEO 

Get winter drive access and avoid slip & fall incidents with our snow-melt systems by Indiana Warm Floors.

​​How-It-Works VIDEO 

Radiant Floor Heat installation​, learn how it works with our tech talk video. 

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Radiant floor heat application: snow-melt systems for walkways, driveways and pole barns.  Get driveway access and winter safety automatically with radiant floor heat. Avoid slips and falls on winter ice and snow!


You get warm floors, comfort, control plus savings... Radiant floor heating is truly remarkable heat and is superior to traditional heating systems requiring up to 30% less energy than a gas heating unit;

 Save 30% on energy costs

We are E-X-P-A-N-D-I-N-G in 2017.


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Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky. 

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since 1979.

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* Heated driveways, patios, loading docks

* Heated pole barns, farm buildings* Snow Melt Systems

* New home radiant floors​​

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Get the Facts... Radiant Heat

Learn more.  See Heat Comparison:   Radiant vs Furnace 

Radiant heating and cooling

Radiant floor heat provides the greatest long-term energy efficiency with reduced operational and maintenance costs. Having a warm, comfortable floor in your pole barn, home or business all winter long is exactly what radiant floor heat is about.

Radiant is best for heating and cooling. 

About our Tech-talk VIDEO, "How it works". 

Helpful installation information about radiant floor heat;  Critical Engineering, Design and Radiant Installation techniques discussed by our expert technicians. Learn why Indiana Warm Floors is the mid-west authority on radiant heat technology, serving customers in INDIANA, MICHIGAN, OHIO & KENTUCKY.

  • *  Individual zone thermostat control

  • *  Most comfortable heating system available

  • *  Energy Star rated

  • * Good air-quality, ​Quiet heating

  • ​* Even heating, no cold spots

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